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Energy Efficiency Consultation
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  • Save Money - with energy costs increasing, it makes sense to make an investment now and future proof your electricity costs. From the first day, a solar PV system will save you money by reducing the amount of electricity you need to purchase from your existing supplier.

  • Grants - you can benefit from two different grants - either Tams or SEAI to offset your installation costs.

  • Reduce Carbon Emissions - Solar PV is a renewable carbon emission free method of powering your farm. 

  • Tax incentives - under the ACA (Accelerated Capital Allowance) scheme, you can write off 100% of the tax in the year of investment.

  • Low maintenance ​- there are no moving parts so no maintenance is required, apart perhaps from cleaning the panels from time to time. 

  • Remote monitoring - you can monitor just how much your solar PV system is producing on an app on your mobile phone. It is convenient and easy to use and most importantly you'll see the difference on your electricity bills straight away.


  • 25 year guarantee  - our high quality panels come with a 25 year guarantee. With average payback time for farms at 5-7 years, you'll be producing free electricity for many years.

  • Fast installation - panels can be ground or roof mounted. 

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Solar PV for Farms: Image


  • Southern Solar Electrical are registered installers with both the SEAI and the Department of Agriculture.

  • With more than 30 years of electrical experience, we provide a safe, professional installation at a competitive price.

  • Contact us to arrange a free site visit and quotation.

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